VerticalCue Design prides itself in delivering the highest quality products and services possible. Whether it be a simple website or an enterprise application, we make sure our clients are given the best.

Software Engineering

VerticalCue Design offers software engineering services for projects of all sizes. Everything from a small utility all the way up to enterprise-level applications. We can do it all. We also take pride in the fact that we are relatively language agnostic. Over the years, our developers have worked with over 18 different computer languages across many different computing platforms. Whether your project is web, mobile, or desktop-based we have the expertise to get your project done.

Web Services

We offer a range of web technology services to our clients depending on their needs. If your company needs to deploy to the cloud or private servers, we can help you maintain them. There are many other web services we offer. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Consulting and training

For non-technical companies, we offer advisory services to help you choose and implement the best technologies to help you reach your company's vision.

For companies who already have active development teams, we provide consulting and training services to assist in optimizing productivity and workflow. We can help identify and eliminate bottlenecks and waste in your development processes. If needed, we offer training services, to bring your developers up to speed in a given technology. We also provide discrete code auditing services to help eliminate defects and reduce vulnerabilities in your product.