VerticalCue Design is a custom software services company. We specialize in providing software solutions for your web, mobile, and desktop projects. We also offer cross-platform development services. If your business needs an application developed for Windows, Mac, and Linux we can provide services that will fit your business' needs. Please explore our services page or contact us directly to see how VerticalCue can assist you.

VerticalCue Design was established by John Vrbanac, a professional enterprise software engineer, in response to the lack of quality custom software services available to small businesses. John felt that in the age of outsourcing, the core concepts of integrity, ingenuity, quality , and maintainability have been sacrificed for the sake of the bottom line. It is VerticalCue Design's vision to provide a way for small businesses to have access to the best services available at a reasonable price.

If you would like to see more about John's qualifications, visit his LinkedIn: John Vrbanac's LinkedIn Profile